For those of you who have seen them before somewhere in the area... you sort of know what they're all about! For those who haven't - OMG!


Rockin' Robin is not like any other musical group/duo that you have heard! Guitarist-Singer Mike Haley and Singer-flute-acoustic guitar-bass player-mandolin-penny whistle-computer geek Robin Grandin are the party co-ordinators that create a magical, musical experience that will keep you singing along to all your favorite songs and jumpin' up on the dance floor all
night long!


This combination of musical variety along with modern day technology are the ingredients for an entertaining and fun package of musical styles ranging from classic rock favorites, Motown that will get you on your feet, great country favorites and even a little bluegrass that will get you hoppin'!


You've got to hear them to believe it, only 2 actual live human beings that sound like a large band and then some.
Big sound and Big FUN!



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